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Playing Ocho The Game with the Nieces and Nephews.

The Ocho Family is happy, and ready to deal you in!

Say Hello to our Action Cards.


Ocho The Game video featuring Kemopetrol.

Ocho Recommended.

That is a screenshot from the blog of Omeed Dariani.  He had some wonderful words to say, and we really appreciate the support.  Thanks Omeed!

It is a wonderful Wednesday, and you’ll want to head on over to the Kickstarter page and help us reach our goal.  Ocho The Game cannot fly without you!

ESPN Writer Likes Ocho The Game.

That is our good friend Gary Wise.  We survived the whirlwind of the Vs. System Pro Circuit together until he moved on to bigger and better ESPN things.  Gary just threw out a tweet in support of Ocho The Game.  Thank you sir!

Animated Ocho Banner on!

Thanks to our friends at, Ocho The Game is already getting major exposure!

Final Card Back.

We are really, really excited about how well Ocho The Game is coming together. Get ready, this is gonna be good.