An artist-created card game for everyone.

Ocho Artists

The game is good on its own, but when you add the chance to get your face on a card? Ocho The Game will take you places you have never been. Here follows the illustrious circle of friends that have agreed to provide original art for a future edition so you can design a card of your own. Click on the names to visit individual motherships. These artists deserve more support, their work is top shelf.

Kate “Red” Bradley.

Larry “Slickaway” Schlekewy.

Melike Acar.


Hanie Mohd.

Meghan Hetrick.

Michael “Axebone” Potter.

Kat Laurange.

Charles Hall.

Danny Kuang.

Benjamin “Skulljammer” Glendenning.

George “Geo” Davis.

Our Ocho card game will be launched officially on July 30th at but we cannot wait to tease you with more tantalizing details. Today we present a gallery of the wonderful Marvel Comics sketchcard artists that have graciously agreed to participate in our project. There is only one catch. We are not revealing their identities until tommorrow!

These are some examples of their work for Upper Deck and Rittenhouse Archives. Meet us back here in the morning for the mystery to be solved, and enjoy their amazing Art.

Okay, a day has passed…

Here are the Secret Identities of the Ocho Guest Artists!

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