An artist-created card game for everyone.

In-Depth Ocho Strategy Session.

This is further explanation of the strategy and mechanics, from an update on the Kickstarter:

When we haven’t been hitting the pavement to drum up grass roots support for our Kickstarter project, we have been playing Ocho The Game for fun.  It always relieves our stress and makes us laugh our brains back in tune.  After playing last night into the wee hours, I wanted to share some of the most entertaining strategy points in the game.

The basic mechanic is simple, so everyone you know can sit down and play in five minutes.  The depth of decision making is delicious.  You start collecting the three lowest pairs, discarding higher numbers that will not be needed until later.  You hang on to as many action cards as you can, but soon you must choose which cards are most important.  When you discard a good card because you need another more, it becomes available for all other players if they can Dig it out of the pile.  You will have tough decisions to make, and your opponent will be grinning as you pick the right or wrong card.

When you play a Get card, you take one card at random from an opponent’s hand.  Sometimes you guess correctly and snag the card you need, sometimes you grab a dud.  You give that player one card in return to keep both hands at the required size of 6, and you are allowed to give them their dud back if you want.  You can also play a See card in combination with a Get card.  This will allow you to draw two more cards to get you closer to your next pair, and you will See which card in an opponent’s hand you want to Get.

Unless someone plays a Not.  Any action card can be negated by a Not.  Any player can stop your action cards with a Not.  It is so much fun to play Nots, especially since you are often in position to Not someone else’s Not!

I wish you were here in Miami on this wonderful Saturday morning to play a few games with us.  You wouldn’t be able to stop.  Each game lasts from 15 to 45 minutes.  Team games are hilarious and challenging, since the action cards can be postitive for teammates and negative for opponents.  A good set of eye signals goes a long way in team play for Ocho The Game.

Thank you backers, for your support.  We really want to get our game printed so we can share it with the world.  It is so much fun to slap down a Pow!  It is a special thrill to draw the exact card you needed to “go off” and play your whole hand in one turn.  It is hilarious trying to bluff someone into the wrong card when they are trying to Get what they need.  You will really enjoy playing Ocho, please help us spread the word so we can reach our goal.

Thanks again!

Rian and Nina Fike

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