An artist-created card game for everyone.

Squirrel Girl Shrine featuring the Ocho Guest Artists.

That is the latest miniature masterpiece by Meghan Hetrick. Remember, these spectacular Squirrel Girls are a scant three inches across. All the delicious details you see have been crammed into a cardboard canvas called a sketch card. These beauties can fit in the palm of your hand, while they threaten to blissbomb your brain. Today we showcase four of the Ocho Guest Artists, starting with their Squirrel Girls. Special thanks to all, this is nuts!

Here is more Meghan Hetrick:

Now Hanie Mohd:

Then George “Geo” Davis:

Finshing with Melike Acar:

Those are 4 of 12 of the Ocho Guest Artists. We are sending large hugs their way today, and we will not stop until we get a Squirrel Girl from the whole dozen! Stay tuned.

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