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Spider Island Avengers: Squirrel Girl’s First Defeat?

That is the cover of the comic book.  Open the first page, and you will see a certain character named Doreen Green.  She has a bushy tail, and she has never  been defeated in the Marvel Universe.

Inside the book, Squirrel Girl was pinned to the ceiling and incapacitated by one of the Manhattan-based arachno-fueled crazies in the Spider Island outbreak.  Does this mean she is no longer invincible?

Maybe, maybe not.  Marvel writer Christopher Yost has added a twist to the tale that will make your hair stand on end.  There is good reason to think Squirrel Girl may have allowed herself to be subdued by the wacky web-wielding villain that was cooked up for her to battle.

She may have had no choice.

Yost himself explains: “Squirrel Girl is a B-thread here, but probably the best B-thread I’ve ever done. Her challenge here is truly terrifying. From the fun and action of the main story, Squirrel Girl gets caught in something out of a horror movie.”

We laughed, we cried, we stood straight up and applauded the sweet sickness that was spun into the myth of Doreen Green.  If Squirrel Girl is actually considered a beaten warrior for the first time, we can live with the opponent that finally vanquished her.  We will not spoil the surprise, you should check it out for yourself.

Spider Island Avengers contains a spectacularly silly celebration of the sensational Squirrel Girl.  As it should be.  Highly recommended.

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